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The Website… WordPress, Wix, Squarespace? Which is best for a photographer?

My wife and I had such a struggle with trying to get a professional website built that was easy to make SEO worthy and less than $5,000. We used Wix, Squarespace, Show-it, and every other quick design place to avoid creating a WordPress site because we had no clue how to design or build one on our own. Eventually we came to the conclusion that I would just have to take the deep dive and figure it out (I spent several years working in IT, and drew the short straw). I am actually up late taking a break from building our new site in WordPress to post this blog. In the end we went this route because it is much quicker to market with SEO, it is adaptable for our needs, and we can make it do just about anything we need it to.

Wix – we used this one the longest and it served its purpose for us. Unfortunately we were not showing up in search even after running their SEO wizard, adding keywords throughout and trying to sustain a blog. The templates are worth it, but everyone has the same look and they have a ton of useless information that confuses the Search engines if you don’t delete it. We wanted something clean and simple – so that is what we built. Our new site is easy for Google to search, it shows examples of our work and it allows people to get in touch with us. The more complicated the site the harder it is for Google to read it (especially if there is a ton of latin on the unused demo pages). Once I learned that the “hidden” content slows down the site and also makes it appear lower in results I made the decision to save ourselves the web design fee of $5,000 and just build it.

Show-it – This is an outstanding platform and it works well for some people. The designs are easy to edit and the artists who make a living doing custom work are reasonable, but it is not compatible with our office management system (Tavè). WordPress fully integrates our forms and is perfect for managing all our leads, billing, scheduling, and automated emails…. More on this in another blog later. Ultimately, Godaddy, and WordPress using Cpanel won out over the rest for adaptability, customization, and SEO compatibility.

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