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Hickory Log Car Show 2019

Cars… For some of us there is a stirring of emotions in our core when we see one of these machines dialed in to our liking. This may be the one group of people in the States that can still disagree with each other while appreciating and respecting their obverse. The details in the interior, the appreciation of the time it took when viewing the cleanest of engine bays, the exterior accoutrements, and most importantly… the people. I have never met finer people than those who gather to celebrate combustion in all its art wrapped forms. Some have said that the energy source of this excitement stems from that first sense of freedom we get when we finally get our license to drive. Others suggest it is the appreciation of moving art from times gone by and the rumble of the vintage engines combined with the era music. I personally think it is all of it… The camaraderie that exists among the car enthusiasts is one of the parts of these gatherings that I can’t get enough of.

Yesterday my wife and I had the pleasure of attending one of Hickory Log’s events where we were presented with a car show on their grounds, and it was awesome. There were new cars, old cars, motorcycles, cars that were in barn find condition, and cars that could win top honors at any show in the country. The music of the 50s and 60s carried throughout the grounds and the BBQ smell filled the air; it was a perfect day. The day was certainly a culmination of things that I enjoy most; cars, photography, and spending time with my wife. For me, it just doesn’t get much better.

If you missed the show this year you should look into when they are doing the next one. Hickory Log is also available to host your event… Can’t wait till the next car show? Host your own on their grounds.

You can see all the photos in the gallery link Hickory Log Car Show 2019.

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