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Perfect White Balance

Cameras today have wonderful technology embedded in them to make settings easier for the hobbyists and professional alike. However, every time I see someone on a chat board or social group begin to explain some long drawn out method for achieving white balance by looking at the 2,5 inch screen on the back of the camera I cringe.

Do yourself a favor and look into the Expodisc ( What it does is quite simple – it set the white balance in your camera to 18% grey which is the perfect balance. How it works: cover your lens with the disc, shoot a neutral exposed image toward the primary light source, then set that photo to the custom white image. It literally takes about 5 seconds to do it.

The reason to do it: When you shoot an event or a photo session and you want to make a color correction to all the photos at once it helps if they are all the same balance to begin with. Let’s say you just shot a wedding and the ceremony was outside under a softly lit cloudy sky, then you moved to the reception where the orange glow of the room light mixed with the blue of your speed lights, then you pulled the couple outside to do a night shoot using only strobes. That is a ton of different colors to set manually in a hurry. The solution: each time you move to a different light source you take a quick shot with the expo disc and boom…. when you get back to the studio to do the edits you have perfect colors throughout the entire event and can make artistic choices that are seamless throughout all the images. It saves time and you look more professional… You’re welcome. – dmb

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