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Selecting A Wedding Photographer

Weddings are probably one of the most logistically challenging types of photography to capture, not only because of the requirements from the client, but also because of the number of other vendors involved. This entry will attempt to address a couple of the things a couple should consider when hiring a professional wedding photographer. I will also try to educate the consumer on what goes on behind the curtain.

Let’s dive in feet first… Anyone looking to hire a wedding photographer should do their research regarding the options available in their area. Look at the portfolio on their site and select three or four options to interview. When you contact them for the initial consultation you should make note of whether or not the way they are handling themselves is professional and they are communicating clearly. If they don’t take the time to prepare contract examples, product pricing, and present to you a clear description of what will be included and more importantly NOT included ahead of time you may want to keep searching. A wedding photographer worth their pay will provide value added by going above and beyond on your big day. They will be there to help guide you through the process and ensure the only thing you have to do is enjoy the experience.

One huge point of fact that most consumers don’t realize; in most cases the photographer controls the timeline of the day. With this in mind it is easy to see how a cheap photographer may capture a few great shots, but they may also cause you to be late for key milestones throughout the day. Pay the extra money if images are important to you and hire a photographer that can clearly discuss the entire timeline with you at the first meeting. If they can’t help you get where you need to be on the day, then you may be interviewing a part timer.

A wedding consists of documentary style photography (getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception), Portraiture Photography (Groom dressed and ready, Bride dressed and ready, groom and family, bride and family, bride and groom with bridal party, bride and groom with family), Product Photography (Shoes, rings, cake, place settings, center pieces, etc,), and Landscape Photography (The venue and the general location) – so , hire someone who can show examples of all these aspects and be sure you like what they have to show you.

The business end of things… Wedding photographers make a living selling services (being there and taking the photos) and products (digital images, prints, and albums), so be prepared to spend more money when the time comes to purchase the products you want to keep forever. Albums may run in the $1,200.00 range after adding options like leather and thick lay flat bindings. These are a great way to preserve the memories from the events and a great photographer can tell you all about what is and isn’t included without getting all blubbery and nervous talking money.

The contract and the preflight. Make sure the photographer has a solid contract, system of delivery, and seems to be fairly organized because these are essential skills for someone spending the entire day with you.

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